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Empower your hotel with the best technology. Increase Revenue, Guest Satisfaction and Cut Costs.


Sell your services in a modern and effortless way. Powerful tools like upselling, push notifications, promotions and group messages. All designed to increase your sales.

Power your hotel with business intelligence and benefit from highly valuable data our platform provides. Quality data enables you to make right decisions.

Hotels with online room service enjoy higher customer satisfaction rates from their guests. Join them and welcome more customers attracted by better reviews.

Spoil your guests with modern tech they'll love to use! Your Room Dine-In, Room Service, Welcome Brochure, Hotel Directory, Travel Packages, Facilities and Front Desk in the Smartphone.

A direct link gives guests access to your hotel app directly from their smartphone, laptop, or tablet. No need to download or register.

Guests benefit from your new hotel app throughout their stay. Receive sightseeing tips, arrange spa treatments, or book room service.

InRooms gives you an overview of the whole stay. This information comes in handy during check-out. Total amount to settle, all orders and request messages are in one place.

If you are sure that InRoom is a good fit for you, send us a simple order.

Our team will create your menu and adjust the looks based on your preferences.

You decide which services will be orderable or request based. You can also define departments that will take care of particular guests' inquires.

Give your guests access to the application so they can have enjoyable stay!



Reopening Hotel After Covid19 Social distancing is the solution to overcome the covid19 pandemic in the hospitality industry. InRoom is packed with social distancing features that will help with reopening your hotel.

We help you overcome these challenges and provide high-quality experience for your guests.

Co-Founder & Partnership Alliance
Neha Khandelwal